Vivian Beaumont Theater

Vivian Beaumont Theater


The Vivian Beaumont Theater opened in the Lincoln Center complex in 1965, designed by Jo Mielziner and Eero Saarinen and named for the donor who contributed to its creation. Located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, it is the only Broadway theatre situated outside of the Times Square district.

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  • Built: 1965
  • Number of Seats: 1069
  • Longest Running Show: Contact
  • Performances: 885
  • Stage Door: As you exit the theatre, turn left past the orchestra and take the stairs to the box office. Walk past the box office, then turn left. Take an additional flight of stairs to street level. Walk past a bank of glass doors, and the stage door is a black door marked "Stage Door."
  • Bathrooms: Ladies and Men's: In the orchestra and mezzanine level lobbies.
  • Concessions: The bar is located in the orchestra level lobby. The souvenir stand is located near the theatre entrances, on street level.

Owner History

Oct 24, 1983 - Lincoln Center Theater Theatre Owner/Operator
Nov 5, 1980 - Jun 21, 1981 Lincoln Center Theater Theatre Owner/Operator
Oct 25, 1973 - Aug 7, 1977 New York Shakespeare Festival Theatre Operator
Oct 12, 1965 - Jul 29, 1973 Lincoln Center Theater Theatre Operator
Vivian Beaumont Theater
    • 150 W. 65th St.
    • New York
    • NY
    • United States