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Insider Info Last Chance: Schedule of Upcoming Broadway and Off-Broadway Show Closings

What shows are about to close in New York City?

Here is the list of upcoming Broadway and major Off-Broadway show closings. Grab tickets before it’s too late!

This list is updated regularly

Closing Friday, May 24, 2024

Off-Broadway: Playwrights Horizons/Peter Jay Sharp Theater
Written by Abe Koogler
Directed by Morgan Green
Cast Includes Jess Barbagallo, Stephanie Berry, Susannah Flood, Hampton Fluker, Greg Keller, Erin Markey, Coral Peña

Outside, the world is breaking apart. But in here, lonely city dwellers gather to find comfort and connection. Abe Koogler’s Staff Meal is a funny, startling new play about a mysterious restaurant, where the food is delicious, the service is warm, and some strange power keeps the darkness at bay. You are safe here – at least until closing time.

Closing Saturday, May 25, 2024

Off-Broadway: Theatre Five @ Theatre Row
Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Nick Viselli

Herb Tucker, a struggling, middle-aged screenwriter with writer’s block, receives an unexpected surprise, when his daughter, Libby, whom he abandoned along with the rest of his Brooklyn family 16 years earlier, arrives at his West Hollywood home with aspirations of breaking into the movie business. Libby, who barely remembers her father, not only forces Herb to reexamine the responsibilities of parenthood, but also makes him come to terms with his on-again/off-again relationship with his current girlfriend, Steffy.

Closing Sunday, May 26, 2024

Off-Broadway: Chain Theatre
Written by Michele A. Miller
Directed by Kathy Curtiss
Cast Includes Jana Robbins, Jolie Curtsinger, Diane J. Findlay, Sachi Parker

Focusing on four women, A Final Toast explores the influence of our past—personal, familial, and our heritage—on our identity. The plot follows two women in their eighties who are helped by their adult daughters to clear out their homes before moving to a Senior Living Center. Along the way they must distinguish what is really of value, separate true memories from beliefs, and come to terms with their mother-daughter relationships. Once at the Senior Living the two older women are shut in together due to the pandemic and uncover a brief encounter they had years before—one with longstanding consequences for their future lives, their relationships with their families and ultimately each other.

Off-Broadway: Claire Tow Theater
Music and Lyrics by The Bengsons
Directed by Caitlin Sullivan
Cast Includes Abigail and Shaun Bengson

Telling stories through song, The Bengsons will celebrate the beauty and complexity of life cycles, from a single person to entire ecosystems. Part concert, part wake, part theatrical extravaganza, The Keep Going Songs is a euphoric and moving journey through the grief of tough times and the rebirth of hope in better days.

Off-Broadway: Greenwich House Theater
Written by S. Asher Gelman
Directed by S. Asher Gelman
Cast Includes Brittany Bellizeare, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Caroline Lellouche, Borris Anthony York

Scarlett Dreams centers on two siblings, Milo and Liza, who have created a fitness app for a virtual reality headset. When Milo's husband Kevin falls in love with his virtual trainer Scarlett, the dividing lines between the digital world and reality come into question.

Closing Sunday, June 2, 2024

Off-Broadway: Soho Playhouse
Written by Pascale Roger-McKeever
Directed by Austin Pendleton
Cast Includes Pascale Roger-McKeever

A mid-40s mom accepts her husband’s invitation to an open marriage and proceeds with a singleness of purpose no one saw coming. A happily horny journey that deflates, prods, pokes and has fun with the little fallacies we carefully curate to better foster our socially permissible selves.

Off-Broadway: New World Stages Stage 5
Written by Alex Brightman
Directed by Chad Rabinovitz
Cast Includes Marc Summers

Part interactive game show, part memoir, The Life and Slimes of Marc Summers follows the infamous host from the set of the children's game show Double Dare to the Food Network, where he has now worked for more than 20 years.

Off-Broadway: Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space/Newman Mills Theater
Book by Rachel Bonds
Music and Lyrics by Zoe Sarnak
Directed by Trip Cullman and Ellenore Scott
Cast Includes Damon Duanno, Taylor Iman Jones, Peter Mark Kendall, Lauren Patten, Helen J Shen, Thomas Silcott

Lila and her band, The Lonely Few, have a standing gig at Paul’s Juke Joint in their small Kentucky town. When an established musician, Amy, gives them a chance to join her on tour, they take it. Love blossoms between Lila and Amy on the road, but can it endure?

Off-Broadway: Minetta Lane Theatre
Written by Laura Benanti
Directed by Annie Tippe
Cast Includes Laura Benanti

Laura Benanti's solo show: "A love letter to ingenues, and recovering ingenues, and moms, and anybody working on themselves."

Off-Broadway: The Public Theater
Written by Suzan-Lori Parks
Directed by Steve H. Broadnax III
Cast Includes Sun Mee Chomet, Gabriel Ebert, Leland Fowler, Sheria Irving, Kristolyn Lloyd, Alano Miller, Kate Nowlin, Daniel Petzold

Playwright Luce has sky-high hopes for her latest script, which examines the complex relationship between Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson. To catch the attention of more notable producers, Luce recruits her longtime collaborator (and lover) Mike to direct, and then casts herself and Mike in the lead roles. Their creative visions align at first, but things unravel quickly as they find themselves at odds and deeply entangled in Sally and Tom’s story. Acclaimed playwright and Pulitzer Prize winner Suzan-Lori Parks cleverly scrutinizes the realities of American history, past and present, through the lens of American theater.

Off-Broadway: New World Stages Stage 1
Book by Lindsey Hope Pearlman
Music and Lyrics by Various
Directed by Gabriel Barre
Cast Includes Chilina Kennedy, Ryan Silverman, Justin Matthew Sargeant, Crystal Lucas-Perry, Cassie Austin, Erica Simone Barnett, Shawn Bowers, Alyssa Carol, Jeremiah Ginn, Kuppi Alec Jessop, Lena Matthews, Maggie McDowell, J Savage, Michael Starr, Edward Staudenmayer

In 1965, one woman’s incredible journey begins to the soundtrack of a generation. In this whirlwind of flower power, free love, and rock & roll, one aspirational young woman finds herself in New York City – ready to dive into this brave new world.

Closing Sunday, June 9, 2024

Off-Broadway: Pershing Square Signature Center/Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Dave Malloy
Directed by Annie Tippe
Cast Includes J.D. Mollison, Mia Pak, Margo Seibert, Scott Stangland, Henry Stram, Ching Valdes-Aran

Susan is in Latvia. Sadie is in New Mexico. Beckett is in Ireland. All three are alone; all three are haunted by their grandparents; all three hear the Big Bad Wolf scratching at the door. Three Houses is a post-pandemic open mic night parable about magic, madness, and the end of the world.

Closing Sunday, June 16, 2024

Off-Broadway: The Pershing Square Signature Center / Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre
Written by Laura Winters
Directed by Ashley Brooke Monroe
Cast Includes Madison Ferris, Danny J. Gomez, Lily Mae Harrington, Brian Morabito, Kyra Sedgwick

It’s your classic romantic comedy. Boy meets girl. Boy uses a wheelchair, girl uses a scooter, and they both use text-to-speech technology to connect to the world around them. They come from different worlds, but love pulls them together when their families push them apart. All of Me is a boldly humorous and candid love story exploring class and disability in America today.

Off-Broadway: SoHo Repertory Theater
Written by Raja Feather Kelly
Directed by Raja Feather Kelly
Cast Includes Beau Badu, Sheldon Best, Phillip James Brannon, Janelle McDermoth, Ronald Peet, Jon-Michael Reese, Jason Veasey, Michelle Wilson

In 1971, 1998, and 2021, three different men in a South Brooklyn railroad apartment write, read, fuck, flirt, eat, and fight at the same time.

Broadway: Helen Hayes Theater
Written by Paula Vogel
Directed by Tina Landau
Cast Includes Celia Keenan-Bolger, Jessica Lange, Jim Parsons

It’s 1962, just outside of D.C., and matriarch Phyllis is supervising her teenage children, Carl and Martha, as they move into a new apartment. Phyllis has strong ideas about what her children need to do and be to succeed, and woe be the child who finds their own path. Bolstered by gin and cigarettes, the family endures — or survives — the changing world around them. Blending flares of imaginative theatricality, surreal farce, and deep tenderness, this beautiful rollercoaster ride reveals timeless truths of love, family, and forgiveness.

Broadway: Vivian Beaumont Theatre
Written by Anton Chekhov, adapted by Heidi Schreck
Directed by Lila Neugebauer
Cast Includes Steve Carell, Jonathan Hadary, William Jackson Harper, Jayne Houdyshell, Spencer Donovan Jones, Mia Katigbak, Alfred Molina, Alison Pill, Anika Noni Rose

Director Lila Neugebauer and playwright Heidi Schreck collaborate on the premiere of this Lincoln Center Theater production of Uncle Vanya, which pairs Chekhov's enduring masterpiece with one of America's most celebrated contemporary playwrights in a strikingly immediate new translation.

Broadway: Circle In The Square Theatre
Written by Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Amy Herzog
Directed by Sam Gold
Cast Includes Jeremy Strong, Michael Imperioli, Katie Broad, Bill Buell, Caleb Eberhardt, Matthew August Jeffers, David Patrick Kelly, David Mattar Merten, Victoria Pedretti, Max Roll, Thomas Jay Ryan, Alan Trong

A small-town doctor considers himself a proud, upstanding member of his close-knit community. When he discovers a catastrophe that risks the lives of everyone in town, he raises the alarm. But he is shaken to his core when those in power not only try to silence him—they try to destroy him.

Closing Sunday, June 23, 2024

Broadway: Belasco Theatre
Written by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Directed by Lila Neugebauer
Cast Includes Ella Beatty, Graham Campbell, Lincoln Cohen, Michael Esper, Natalie Gold, Alyssa Emily Marvin, Sarah Paulson, Everett Sobers, Corey Stoll

It’s summer, the cicadas are singing, and the Lafayette family has returned to their late patriarch’s Arkansas home to deal with the remains of his estate. Toni, the eldest daughter, hopes they’ll spend the weekend remembering and reconnecting over their beloved father. Bo, her brother, wants to recoup some of the funds he spent caring for Dad at the end of his life. But things take a turn when their estranged brother, Franz, appears late one night, and mysterious objects are discovered among the clutter. Suddenly, long-hidden secrets and buried resentments can’t be contained, and the family is forced to face the ghosts of their past.

Off-Broadway: Second Stage Theatre/Tony Kiser Theatre
Written by Alexis Scheer
Directed by Jo Bonney
Cast Includes Tala Ashe, Geneva Carr, Julie Halston, Louis Ozawa, Gabrielle Policano, Matthew Saldívar, Maggie Siff

As a foreign war correspondent, Marina has put her life on the line to illuminate the darkest corners of humanity. Having just returned from a particularly bloody conflict, she flirts with staying home for good—alongside her cameraman turned lover. With her closest friends and family gathered on the eve of her lifetime achievement award ceremony, she decides to cap this glorious moment with an elopement. But as Marina tries to take hold of her life, she’s forced to reckon with the hold war has on her.

Broadway: Ethel Barrymore Theatre
Written by Peter Morgan
Directed by Rupert Goold
Cast Includes Michael Stuhlbarg, Will Keen, Luke Thallon, Stella Baker, Ronald Guttman, Alex Hurt, Rosie Benton, Jeff Biehl, Peter Bradbury, Camila Canó-Flaviá, Joe Forbrich, Marianna Gailus, Paul Kynman, Adam Poss, Nick Rehberger, Tony Ward

In 1991, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the new Russia belongs to its oligarchs—and no one is more powerful than billionaire Boris Berezovsky. When an eventual successor to President Boris Yeltsin is needed, Berezovsky turns to the little-known deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, Vladimir Putin. But soon Putin's ruthless rise threatens Berezovsky's reign, setting off a riveting, near-Shakespearean confrontation between the two powerful, fatally flawed men.

Off-Broadway: AMT Theatre
Book by Zoe Ann Jordan
Music and Lyrics by Anthony De Angelis, Patrick Spencer
Directed by Stephanie Rosenberg
Cast Includes Adam Parbhoo, Jill Owen, Donnell Johnson (Voiceover), Danny Durr, Gabrielle Goodman, Patrick Voss Davis, James Lynch, Thomas Skea, Morgan Traud, Jessica Morilak

Saw the Musical: The Unauthorized Parody, a boundary-pushing parody about love and fluidity, captures the events of the first Saw movie, picking up from where Lawrence Gordon and Adam Stanheight first found each other.

Off-Broadway: The McKittrick Hotel
Created by Felix Barrett, Maxine Doyle, and the company of Punchdrunk
Designed by Felix Barrett, Livi Vaughan and Beatrice Minns
Choreographed by Maxine Doyle

An immersive production inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth, told through the lens of a Hitchcock thriller. An unexpected location will be exquisitely transformed into an installation of cinematic scenes that evoke the world of Macbeth. The audience has the freedom to roam the environment and experience a sensory journey as he or she chooses what to watch and where to go.

Closing Saturday, June 29, 2024

Off-Broadway: Atlantic Theater Company/Stage 2
Written by Shayan Lofti
Directed by Jennifer Chang
Cast Includes Rosalind Chao, BD Wong, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Tony Shalhoub

Two siblings.
One born there. One born here.
How do they maintain their connections to The Old Country, and to This Country, and to each other?

Closing Sunday, June 30, 2024

Broadway: Broadhurst Theatre
Book by Anthony McCarten
Music and Lyrics by Neil Diamond
Directed by Michael Mayer
Cast Includes Nick Fradiani, Mark Jacoby, Amber Ardolino, Shirine Babb, Becky Gulsvig, Michael McCormick, Tom Alan Robbins, Bri Sudia, Dianna Marie Barger, Kalonjee Gallimore, Anthony J. Garcia, Jess LeProtto, Tatiana Lofton, Aveena Sawyer, Deandre Sevon, Vanessa Aurora Sierra, Annie Wallace, Sean Watkinson

The story of the legendary Neil Diamond comes to life on stage in a gripping and uplifting new musical featuring his hit songs “Sweet Caroline”, “America”, and “Cracklin’ Rosie”. Directed by Tony Award® winner Michael Mayer (Spring Awakening, Hedwig and the Angry Inch), choreographed by Olivier Award winner Steven Hoggett (Once, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), and written by four-time Academy Award® nominee Anthony McCarten (Bohemian Rhapsody, The Two Popes). Good times never seemed so good.

Off-Broadway: New York Theatre Workshop
Written by Moisés Kaufman and Amanda Gronich
Directed by Moisés Kaufman
Cast Includes Scott Barrow, Nemuna Ceesay, Kethleen Chalfant, Noah Keyishian, Jonathan Raviv, Erika Rose, Anna Shafer, Elizabeth Stahlmann, Charlie Thurston, Grant Varjas

An album of never before seen World War II-era photographs arrives at the desk of United States Holocaust Memorial Museum archivist Rebecca Erbelding. As Rebecca and her team of historians begin to unravel the shocking story behind the images, the album soon makes headlines around the world. In Germany, a businessman sees the album online and recognizes his own grandfather in the photos. He begins a journey of discovery that will take him into the lives of other Nazi descendants – in a reckoning of his family’s past and his country’s history. Here There Are Blueberries tells the story of these photographs – what they reveal about the Holocaust and our own humanity.

Off-Broadway: Vineyard Theatre
Written by Maia Novi
Directed by Michael Breslin
Cast Includes Maia Novi, Raffi Donatich, Sam Gonzalez, Alexandra Maurice, Julian Sanchez

Following the journey of an Argentinean actor as she tests the limits of her American dream, Invasive Species is an outrageous dark comedy about how immigrating to the US may be the role of a lifetime.

Off-Broadway: Theater 555
Written by Dan Lauria
Directed by Eric Krebs
Cast Includes Dan Lauria, Patty McCormack

In Just Another Day, a comedy writer and a sophisticated poet in their seventies meet daily on a park bench to exchange wits and barbs, and wax nostalgic about old movies, all the while trying to figure out how they know – and love – each other. At least for that day.

Broadway: Samuel J. Friedman Theatre
Written by Amy Herzog
Directed by Anne Kauffman
Cast Includes Rachel McAdams, April Matthis, Susan Pourfar, Lily Santiago, Brenda Wehle

Captivating, affecting and compassionate, Mary Jane the story of a single mother in an impossible family situation. Faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, Mary Jane relies on unflagging optimism and humor, along with the wisdom of the women around her who have become a makeshift family, to take on each new day. But will inner strength and newfound friendships be enough to see her through?

Off-Broadway: Irish Repertory Theatre
Written by Brian Friel
Directed by Charlotte Moore
Cast Includes Rufus Collins, John Keating, Sarah Street

Molly has happily experienced the world differently since she was ten months old. When Frank, her restless, unemployed, and enthusiastic husband, makes her blindness his latest cause, he recruits Dr. Rice, a once-famous surgeon who, despite his struggles, agrees to attempt to restore Molly’s sight. When the bandages come off, Molly, Frank, and Dr. Rice discover the differences between seeing and understanding as they face the consequences of a medical miracle.

Off-Broadway: Atlantic Theater Company/Linda Gross Theater
Written by Lucy Kirkwood
Directed by Sarah Benson
Cast Includes b, Tilly Botsford, Paige Gilbert, Ann Harada, Jenn Kidwell, Mary McCann, Emily Cass McDonnell, MacKenzie Mercer, Sandrah Oh, Dale Soules, Danny Wolohan, Haley Wong

Rural England, 1759. As the country awaits the return of Halley’s comet, a young woman is sentenced to death. When she tries to escape the noose by claiming she is pregnant, twelve ordinary women are gathered to decide whether she is telling the truth. A dark, fierce, funny play about democracy and housework.

Closing Sunday, July 7, 2024

Broadway: Hudson Theatre
Book by George Furth
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Directed by Maria Friedman
Cast Includes Daniel Radcliffe, Jonathan Groff, Lindsay Mendez, Krystal Joy Brown, Katie Rose Clarke, Reg Rogers, Max Rackenberg, Rocco Van Auken, Brady Wagner, Sherz Aletaha, Leana Rae Concepcion, Coby Getzug, Corey Mach, Talia Simone Robinson, Jamila Sabares-Klemm, Evan Alexander Smith, Brianna Stoute, Christian Strange, Vishal Vaidya, Natalie Wachen, Jacob Keith Watson

Spanning three decades in the entertainment business, Merrily We Roll Along charts the turbulent relationship between composer Franklin Shepard and his two lifelong friends — writer Mary and lyricist & playwright Charley. An inventive cult-classic ahead of its time, Merrily We Roll Along features some of Stephen Sondheim’s most celebrated and personal songs. Maria Friedman first directed the musical at London’s Menier Chocolate Factory – a production that subsequently transferred to the Harold Pinter Theatre, where it garnered the most five-star reviews in West End history before going on to win the Olivier Award for Best Musical Revival.

Closing Sunday, July 21, 2024

Broadway: Todd Haimes Theatre
Written by Samm-Art Williams
Directed by Kenny Leon
Cast Includes Tory Kittles, Brittany Inge, Stori Ayers

In this Tony Award®-nominated play, Cephus Miles has the whole world in his callused hands—until his sweetheart Pattie Mae goes off to college and marries another man. Originally staged by the Negro Ensemble Company in 1979, and featured in the first year of Roundabout’s Refocus Project, Samm-Art Williams’ Home is a muscular and melodic coming-of-age story that gives voice to the unbreakable spirit of all Americans who have been searching for a place to belong. Kenny Leon (A Soldier’s Play) directs.

Closing Saturday, August 10, 2024

Broadway: St. James Theatre
Concept by Justin Peck, Jackie Sibblies Drury
Music and Lyrics by Sufjan Stevens
Directed by Justin Peck
Cast Includes Yesenia Ayala, Kara Chan, Ben Cook, Gaby Diaz, Jeanette Delgado, Carlos Falu, Christine Flores, Jada German, Zachary Gonder, Rachel Lockhart, Brandt Martinez, Dario Natarelli, Tyrone Reese, Craig Salstein, Ahmad Simmons, Byron Tittle, Ricky Ubeda, Alejandro Vargas, Elijah Lyons, Shara Nova, Tasha Viets-VanLear

Based on the landmark Sufjan Stevens album, Illinoise is told through live music performed by an 11-member band, three vocalists and impressionistic choreography. As friends gather around a campfire, sharing stories of first love, grief and growing up, director and choreographer Justin Peck and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Jackie Sibblies Drury craft an experience that bursts with feeling.

Closing Sunday, August 18, 2024

Broadway: John Golden Theatre
Book by David Adjmi
Music and Lyrics by Will Butler
Directed by Daniel Aukin
Cast Includes Will Brill, Andrew R. Butler, Juliana Canfield, Eli Gelb, Tom Pecinka, Sarah Pidgeon, Chris Stack

Stereophonic mines the agony and the ecstasy of creation as it zooms in on a music studio in 1976, where an up-and-coming rock band finds itself on the cusp of superstardom. Written by David Adjmi, directed by Daniel Aukin, and featuring original music by Arcade Fire’s Will Butler, this electrifying new play takes audiences inside the powder keg process of a band on the brink of blowing up.

Broadway: Marquis Theatre
Book by William F. Brown
Music and Lyrics by Charlie Smalls
Directed by Schele Williams
Cast Includes Nichelle Lewis, Wayne Brady, Deborah Cox, Melody A. Betts, Kyle Ramar Freeman, Phillip Johnson Richardson Avery Wilson, Maya Bowles, Shayla Caldwell, Jay Copeland, Allyson Kaye Daniel, Judith Franklin, Collin Heyward, Amber Jackson, Olivia Jackson, Christina Jones, Polanco Jones, Jr., Kolby Kindle, Kareem Marsh, Anthony Murphy, Christina Raé, Avilon Trust Tate, Keenan D. Washington

Based on L. Frank Baum’s children’s book, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, The Wiz takes one of the world’s most enduring (and enduringly white) American fantasies, and transforms it into an all-Black musical extravaganza for the ages.

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