Mel Brooks on Broadway

Mel Brooks on Broadway

SYNOPSIS: Blazing Saddles. Young Frankenstein. The Producers. Mel Brooks has created some of the most iconic comedies in film history, and he is returning to the New York stage for an exclusive two-night engagement. The actor, writer, director, and producer stars in a hilarious unscripted show combining off-the-cuff comedy, unbelievable personal stories, and film clips from some of his most memorable work in Mel Brooks on Broadway. Mel Brooks on Broadway will be a very special evening of unforgettable tales and non-stop laughter.
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(as of Jun 23, 2019) Total Current Gross: $583,140 Highest Weekly Gross: $583,140 (Week Ending Jun 23, 2019)   Average Ticket Price: $196.54 Average % Capacity: 99.23%


Week Ending Week Number This Week Gross Potential Gross Diff $ Avg Ticket Top Ticket Seats Sold Seats in Theatre Perfs Previews % Cap This Week Diff % cap
Jun 23, 2019 4 $583,140.00 $518,970.00 $0.00 $196.54 $297.00 2967 1495 2 0 99.23% 0.00%